Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Challenge Site - CopyCatCards

In the hunt for challenge sites I've decided to do a little investigation in what is actually involved.... the first site I'm looking at was suggested by Leisa Barwell.  Its a group that she runs on Facebook called "CopyCatCards".  You will need to be approved by Leisa to join the group which has over 150 members and obviously be a member of Facebook.

I was met with a warm welcome from the group while they were busy away uploading photos of their latest creations.  All sorts of techniques from paper tole and stamping are used and a lovely gallery of creations for you to look at.

Each week there are 2 challenge ideas posted - this week it's "Week 29 - Shades of Grey! Interpret how you like ladies!!"  Ummmm, time to get the thinking cap on ........

Here's how Leisa describes her group:

Copycatcards was started on 7 September 2007 via Blogspotby Susan Temple and myself. Originally the concept was for one of the designersto create a card, share it with everyone and challenge them to copy designaspects of the card - thus the name "copycat". By doing this wewanted to take out the competitiveness of the craft and freely share eachother’s ideas. The Copycatcards Group is a friendly place where we all motivateeach other and laugh at the occasional disaster that can occur when trying newtechniques and products!
Its lots of fun coming up with cards we may have never thought to create too. Keepingup with the times, copycatcards moved over to Facebook this year. Essentiallythe concept is the same although I am usually too busy now to create theinitial card, so I provide challenges each Saturday and Wednesday for themembers to participate in. Occasionally there are prizes but generally participationis solely for the fun of seeing what you can come up with based on the setcriteria. There is also no pressure to complete the challenges. They can bedone in any order and at any time. We want people to enjoy participatingwithout the level of pressure that sometimes comes with deadlines and competingfor prizes. We have almost 150 members already and growing.
So worth a visit for card makers for inspiration and ideas!
And here is my take on the challenge!


  1. Thanks so much Alita! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your first card!

  2. Welcome to the group Alita! Such a friendly bunch...hope you enjoy being a part of it :)